Suggesting a Whitelist

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Suggesting a Whitelist

Post  Nuke55 on Thu Apr 18, 2013 6:29 pm

As a lot of people who regularly play on Specious Station know, we get our fair share of grieffers, if not more than any other public server I've ever been to. A good portion ofevery round on the server, especially in the afternoons or weekends, is guaranteed to have at least one person who will join up as a head of staff or security and try to ruin everyone's fun by either doing an absolutely god awful job, or by just pleasing their murderboners and trying to kill absolutely everyone. (Thankfully most grieffers are unrobust as all hell so they are killed most of the time before they can do any major damage. It's still ridiculously annoying and just eats up a job slot.)

Therefore, I think it would be pretty resonable to institute a whitelist on the server. For those that don't know, it would make it so anyone that joins the server that isn't on the whitelist would be banned from jobs that are whitelist-required. This won't keep grieffers from joining, but it will keep them from being able to access any roles that would either give them an edge over the average player with weapons, and it will keep them from just eating up an important job slot when they are inevitably killed/banned.

The jobs that I believe should be whitelisted are: All security (obvious reasons), heads of staff (again, obvious), and AI/cyborg (because the AI has complete control over the entire station and it is extremely easy to ruin everything. Cyborg because it requires you to follow laws, which is hard for some people, and they can pretty easily robust a regular player down, unless there's an RD.)

Please, do share opinions on this. I think this would be very beneficiary.

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Re: Suggesting a Whitelist

Post  ZyloWalsh on Fri Apr 19, 2013 2:47 am

In short, the reason we don't have any restrictions is because I think they deter good players that play well with others. In addition, I don't believe that the options available don't actually prevent griefing. The costs outweigh the benefits.

There are two situations that I have seen that prove my point. The first is when a group of griefers join and meta-game over skype(or something similar) and go on a griefing spree. Even with low level jobs, they will gang up and overwhelm heads and sec quite easily. An admin will have ban them. The second is when a regular with no record gets bored and start abusing their jobs. A white-list or job time lock usually won't stop them.

In summary, griefing is a problem but I don't think white-listing in the answer.
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